2016 Conference and
Training Review

Church Equipment

In order to serve the needs of churches, Asia for JESUS team holds a wide variety of conferences, in hopes of equipping the saints and empowering the churches through these conferences. We also want to make Kingdom Culture the DNA of the pastors and the brothers and sisters and adjust the physique of the faith, so that the churches may become even more glorious!

Serving Future Generations

Asia for JESUS yearns to create a Kingdom Culture that honors the previous generation, empowers the next generation, and values unity among the generations, so that revival may continue in the long run. With this vision, the team uses a parent’s heart, just like how David was in his preparation of materials for Solomon to build the temple, to contribute to the building of the following generations, hoping to empower numerous glorious generations in the future!

National Talent and Character Summer Camp

Date:July 4-7th Location:Taichung Feng-chia University

Participants 2,300
Pre-Believers 571
Professions of faith 331
The 2016 National Character and Summer Camp was held once again at Feng Chia University in Taichung. Through the thematic design of “Hunger Man,” with the focus on the characters of wisdom, active, and cooperation, and a series of introduction videos, we helped the students assimilate into the plot of the camp. The contents of the talent classes were rich and diverse, which included guitar, jazz drums, basketball, table tennis, creative arts, hand-made cuisine, hip hop dancing, and other exciting courses. A total of over 2,300 people participated in this four-day camp, creating an unforgettable summer memory once again.


After the pastor and Ken both shared about their past experiences, they prayed for those who bullied others or who were bullied, this helped me recall the past where I was bullied by my classmates. When the pastor prayed for us, I was completely freed from the past experience.

--Chen (Student)

Youth Awakening Conference

Date:Aug. 23-25th Locaiton:Ling-Leung Villa

Training Session 945
Night Sessions 1141
We invited Rev. Chris Overstreet, the Outreach Pastor of Bethel Church, for the first time to this year’s Youth Awakening Conference. He is good at stirring up and encouraging students, so students are able to courageously step out of their comfort zones to evangelize. In addition, Rev. Theresa Dedmon, head of Creative Arts Ministry at Bethel Church, overturned the stereotype that many people have of evangelizing, such as prophesying through balloon twisting and folding, singing a song, performing a dance, etc., so that the students are able to embrace their own creativity while they are young and to become blessings to others courageously through creativity!
Coming of Kingdom, Healing Crusade

Date:Aug. 24-25th Locaiton:Ling-Leung Villa

Participants 2711
On the first and third nights of the Youth Awakening Conference, there were respectively two evangelistic meetings, so students were able to witness that what was learned at the Conference wasn’t just a set of theories, but can actually be practiced and effects can also be seen. The partnerships of Rev. Chris Overstreet, Rev. Timothy Yen, and Rev. Theresa Dedmon’s team of supernatural art caused many healing miracles to happen at the site. Many people decided to give their lives to the Lord after witnessing these miracles!
Youth Pastor Connection
To engage in the shepherding ministry of youth, one really needs the ideas for creativity and resources from different people. Asia for JESUS created a platform and occasionally gathers youth pastors from various places, so that on the path of shepherding, they can make exchanges with and support each other. Because of this, there are even regions that developed their own youth pastor networks, which have regular gatherings and fellowships, promoting the resource sharing between and unity among churches!


Praise God, in the Youth Pastor Connection gathering, everyone openly shared the challenges faced, which really touched us. Especially on the topic of “Sabbath,” we, as husband and wife, learned a lot and started to re-think the meaning of Sabbath, and looked at whether we were tired from ministry and forgot to solely rely on God. This type of recharging helped us be able to move forward with full energy.

--Pastor Chia-hsin Shih and his wife Lih-ching Fang from Tainan Minzu Road Presbyterian Church

Harvest 100 Campus Movement
that Participated
Over 3,120 Pastors, Students, and Teachers that Participated
Harvest 100 Campus Movement believes that “Winning Today’s Younger Generation is Winning the Future of Taiwan,” and has committed in promoting campus gospel movement, equipping and training youth leaders. Since holding “Harvest 100 Leadership School,” it has been held 52 times so far, with 11,255 attendees, where 2,019 of them gave their lives to Jesus. Since 2011, we started the “Harvest 100 New Moral Movement,” where we gathered students from various campuses, Christian teachers, and church pastors and formed regional campus teams, where actual action is then taken to bring Kingdom Culture into the campus by launching a series of new moral movement, such as “Christians, Come on Over,” “Teacher, I Support You,” and “I Don’t Cheat.” A total of 214 colleges and institutions joined, 102 churches participated, and over 3,500 pastors, students, and teachers were involved in the movement. We have even gained the support and approval of many campus teaching and administrative staff.

Overseas Missions

Missions Trips to Tokyo
Date:Nov 10 - 14th

In the past experience of the team serving in Japan, the brothers and sisters in Japan were comparatively calmer, and the ambience of the service and worship was also calmer; however, the brothers and sisters that participated in the short-term missions team last year expressed that they clearly felt a change in the spiritual atmosphere. Both young and old people were able to worship with enjoyment and with open hearts; therefore, Asia for JESUS continued to hold the Japan for JESUS Conference in 2016, so as to continue to stir the hearts of the brothers and sisters in Japan with a burden to evangelize. We trained them in techniques of evangelism and they went directly onto the streets to evangelize and led many pedestrians to receive Christ.

Bless China Ministry
Date:Oct.17 - 22 th 2016

After the Hong Kong Leadership School ended, Asia for JESUS continued to bless China through ministry work. God loves China very much, and we have seen great revival in recent years. Brothers and sisters in China have great desire for God. Asia for JESUS saw this growing demand, and hoped to follow God’s heart and host aperiodic equipping and training classes in major cities every year to build up the lives of our brothers and sisters in China. We believe that revival in China will become blessings to the world, and through the hands of our Chinese brothers and sisters, the baton for gospel will be passed all the way back to Jerusalem!


Last year, the doctor said my third and fourth vertebrae of my cervical spine were deformed. Cervical compression caused my ring finger and pinky of my right hand to be numb for at least a year. After Rev. Timothy led everyone in prayer, I felt the numbness suddenly disappear from my ring finger and pinky. I immediately knew my cervical spine was healed!

--Mr. Song

North America Missions Trip
Date:May 17 - 29th
Participants 300

The North America short-term missions team went to a total of two countries and three cities this time: New York and Los Angeles, USA, and Ottawa, Canada. In addition to partnering in the service at Bread of Life Conference, Asia for JESUS also opened the equipping courses of “How to Worship a King” and “The Blessed Life” in these cities. These courses received great responses from the North American Chinese churches and the brothers and sisters yearned to receive even more messages on Kingdom Culture. In addition to inviting the Asia for JESUS team with great efforts to return to North America once again, some churches have also started to open courses in their churches on their own with these teaching materials.


After understanding what is “being moved by God to make an offering,” I prayed and asked God the amount I should offer for Asia for JESUS. The first amount that I felt God placed in my heart was all the cash that I had. However, because of having bought books, the amount remaining was very little, so I wanted to also write a check. I learned from class that I had to also seek confirmation from my spouse (I never did that in the past), after receiving his approval, I knew this was from God, and not just something I thought up. Therefore, we followed the first amount that God placed in our hearts and made an offering. This morning, when I arrived at work, an amount that was stuck and couldn’t go through the account in my office for half a year, where we had no idea of what to do, finally went through that morning!

--Ms. Lee

New Zealand Missions Trip
Date:Sep 17 - 18th

In 2016, Asia for JESUS team once again went to Oceania and partnered with the Bread of Life Apostolic Network to serve at the Bread of Life Conference. In addition, we also opened the equipping course of “The Blessed Life” here, teaching brothers and sisters the secret to the flourishing of the whole being, so as to become a good steward that is after God’s own heart!

Worship and Prayer

Supernatural Worship School
Date:September 2015 - January 2016

In 2012, we started the “Supernatural Worship School.” It has professional worship courses not only for musicians, lead singers and vocals, other forms of worship training are also offered, such as dance courses and life courses, etc. Last year, we even added the “prophetic art class,” so that worship is no longer confined to music, and we teach brothers and sisters to express their feelings and yearnings for God more freely. Up until 2016, we have a total of 317 graduates, including students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The fifth year of the school started in August 2016. We have a strong line-up of teaching staff. In addition to the lead worshipper and pastors from various churches, we also invited foreign well-known speakers to be guest lecturers, so as to expand the Kingdom perspective of the students.